Money with Jewlz

Money with Jewlz

Hosted by: Jewlz Ellem

Are you ready to redesign your business and create the life you really want by turning your passion into profit? Our life on this Earth is precious. Are you stuck in a business that runs your life, throws you into...


Introduction to Money With Jewlz

Season #2 Episode #1

Many of my clients have been asking me how I created the lifestyle I wanted. I now work less, personally earn more, and enjoy life each and every day. Look, I know that enjoyment is easy when you have a dog like...
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Making money in your sleep through investing

Season #2 Episode #5

Warren Buffet has been quoted as saying "If you don't find a way to make money whilst you sleep, you'll be working until you die". That is a pretty grim view of life, but if we're working towards a financially free...
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6: Choosing the right investment strategy for your circumstances

Episode #6

This week we explore the reasons for investing so you can figure out the right investment strategy for your circumstances. I personally invest, because I want a strong income stream (so my money does the hard lifting)...
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Episode7: Enjoy your money WITHOUT the debt!

Episode #7

This is the final component of creating wealth - enjoying money! The catch is to do so without the debt. So many people fall into the trap to enjoy money well in excess of what they are earning, and in this episode,...
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Episode 8: Welcome to 2022

Episode #8

Every year, we're encouraged to set new year's resolutions. It's mid way through January 2022 and I see so many people not knowing where to start with achieving their goals. I believe there are three main areas people...
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Episode 9 | It’s all about the habits and making them ”stick”

Episode #9

I've been reading Atomic Habits by James Clear this summer, and I've been fascinated with the four step process that makes some habits stick and others not.  James Clear has said there are four building blocks (or...
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